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Visual Assist has a wealth of features to enhance developer productivity. 

Visual Assist is a productivity tool created by Whole Tomato Software for enhancing C++, C# and C development. Great for Visual Studio developers.

Visual Assist features

Navigation: Move about your code with newfound ease—to any file, method, symbol, or reference in your projects and solutions. Get anywhere from anywhere.

Refactoring: Reduce the complexity of your code, improve its readability, and make it extensible without changing its external behaviour. Refactor legacy code, the code you inherit, or the first version of your own work.

Code Generation: Generate code faster than you think possible, even if you use just a handful of the features in Visual Assist. As you become a proficient user, write and update code even faster.

Coding Assistance: Write code faster with assistance that doesn't get in your way, especially when you're on a roll. Visual Assist suggests completions only if they save you serious typing, and quietly fixes mistakes in your wake.

Code Understanding: Make sense of complex code, or code you haven't touched in a long time, with an assortment of tool windows, browsers, and fields that provide information where and when you need it.

Code Correction: Watch Visual Assist correct mistakes as you make them, especially errors in symbol case and pointer notation. Type entirely in lowercase, and watch Visual Assist correct the case of all of your symbols. 

Many more features are available, please get in touch with the Grey Matter team for more information.

What's new in Visual Assist?

  • NEW C++: Improved parser auto-type deduction for pointers.
  • NEW C#: Improved parser support for C# tuple deconstruction.
  • NEW C++: Add parser support for C++ 17's structured binding from a constructor.
  • NEW Added support for custom shader file extensions.
  • NEW Improved code formatting when pasting Unreal Engine source code.
  • NEW Added UI to Find References results to repeat a search for the entire solution.
  • NEW C++: Code inspections for bugprone-inaccurate-erase and bugprone-bool-pointer-implicit-conversion.

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